Hello There

Hi! My name is Lydia Joy Nickerson and I am a Colorado E-book author. My first published book is Treacherous Beginnings and it is available on Amazon. If it sells enough I will attempt to get it published into a hardbook copy. But that might be a little while yet.

On this blog I will show excerpts of my next book, reveal book covers that are being made by artist Mael Coluim (he did the lovely cover photo on this blog) and Graphic Designer Mercy Burklin, show word count/editing progress, and show how I am doing on my Nano (which I tend to participate in every year).

You can find my Facebook Page here

Rajan Kesern’s page here

Jasmine Rasinco’s page here

and Aidan Delano’s page here

Enjoy the randomness that is my brain. And in case any of this gets lost it is within my About page

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