NaNo is coming

So last post I told you what my plot for NaNo is. Now it’s time to meet the characters. Today’s guest, is Rose Marie Lupei.

The idea for Rose came from reading so many books about strong women who either got broken or turned into sluts. I hate that. The broken ones usually end up hating the world and trying to hurt it because they got hurt (Or in the case of Rose (Vampire Academy) and Mac (Fever) they become numb until they find the guy they broke for is alive and savable).

Why is it that the strong ones cannot survive? Sure Anita Blake survives, but good golly. The first seven books were epic! She kicked butt, she got hurt, she stood back up. And then this happened: she got stuck in a love triangle, freaked out by one guy, ran to the other one and everything went downhill from there. At last count she had double digit lovers ><.

It’s almost like most authors think that they cannot create stories without someone breaking. And it’s always the main character. But what if there’s a character who has already been broken? I’ve never seen any books about that. Thus Rose was born. She came to me holding up her scars, telling me her story, hiding things that would be important later. So, I decided that I would write her story. A few others hid in her shadows, like Maggie Lynn (I’ll tell you about her tomorrow), Viper, and Dayle.

Not only did she come with a story (rather five-six books of story!), scars, and friends… but a playlist too! It took so much patience not to begin writing her story on the spot! There was only a month and a half until NaNoWriMo. I had to have patience. And so far I have resisted! Only five days to go. And then her story will be written. When I feel like I cannot write her story I’ll just remember this from Girls With Slingshots.

Laters! Tonight or tomorrow I will write up Maggie Lynn next!

One thought on “NaNo is coming

  1. waiting breathlessly until tomorrow to hear more…..

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