Two for One Special!

The next two characters I’m going to talk about are Marissa and Maggie Lynn. Marissa is an inventor who has never really had a story of her own. Okay, I admit it she did. It was my first Summer Novel Writing Month (it was awful! So many bad lines XD). Anyway, Marissa hasn’t been this epic before, so it’ll be interesting to see how she and Rose get along.

Maggie Lynn popped up as a random person who said she was a Detective. I didn’t really have a name for her, just knew that she was blonde, had a few piercings, and scars along her arms. So I asked a few people on Facebook if they could help me name her. I ended up going with Maggie due to a suggestion from one of my great friends. Lynn became her middle name, simply because it sounded good. 

As I began to explore the character, I decided to make her a little bit more special than just plain human. However, I didn’t want to make her inhuman. So, she ended up being able to see things that others can’t. Still a plain human who can’t do much, but she can help Rose out. 

Marissa was an idea I played with when I was still learning how to write. I wanted a super genius that couldn’t age. She ended up being half Pegasus, half Dragon. She has not had an easy life… but she still stands strong. Her son-in-law helps her with her inventions, and now that Marissa has met Rose she has a new guinea pig.

Being different isn’t easy, but it certainly helps when bad things are going down… right?

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