Ermagersh werd cernts!

Translation: Oh my gosh word counts! Today I started out at 10,274 out of 16,666 words! as of right now I am at 13,086 words. Only a few thousand more to catch up! The thing that helped my word count for today is the fact that a chapter did not work a way it was supposed to. So I had to take all of chapter seven and push it. So much fun. (sorry for the overload of memes I’m being a dork on Mountain Dew!)

I also put in how the original meeting of a character was supposed to go. Oh, characters, why are you such tricky little things? *shrugs* what is one to do?

Since I need to get back to writing I shall leave you with a quote from Chapter Eight of Trigger! See ya next week!


“I feel like someone tried to put me in a sarcophagus.”

The blasted dragon laughed at me! I snarled a little as I took in her appearance. I had not really noticed the claws before. Hell, I had not noticed much about her except her hair and eyes.

“What is up with the wild look? It is so last year,” I made a joke! This was a momentous event.

Cassie snorted and batted at my hair playfully. “So says the girl with wilder hair than mine. What did you do? Grab a teasing brush from the 80s and go crazy?”

I grabbed her hand and showed her the golden claws on her fingers. “Forget to tell the salon to cut your nails?”

“Forget to tell them to clean yours?”

I smirked. “Your scar is on the wrong side of your face, Zuko.”

“The scar is not on the wrong side!”

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