Fire of the Night Progress

Just in case y’all think that I have forgotten that I left you hanging in Dangerous Beginnings, I have not. I’m working on writing and editing Friendly Enemies while in the process of writing all of my other stories. It just took a little detour XD. I promise though I am writing Fire of the Night 2.

Here’s a sneakpeak so that you can see what is awaiting you when I finish the story:


1516, Delano Keep, Elven Kingdom, Jericho


“Is everything in place?” Marak asked, his black eyes sparkling.

Aidan Delano smirked. “Of course, grandfather. The traitor will soon be dead.”

“Excelent. What of the Rasinco girl and your uncle?”

“I intend to have dear uncle Rajan name me heir of his throne.” Aidan flashed a truly wicked grin. “I have managed to keep him thinking that he needs to marry for the best of his lands and that Jasmine isn’t right. As for her, I intend to make her mine once Rajan is out of the picture.”

Marak raised a brow. “Aidan, Jasmine is almost thirty-one years old.”

“That is in human years. She stopped aging at seventeen, because of her fallen blood.”

The Delano king rubbed his bearded chin and nodded. “That is true,” he admitted. “Why her?”

“She is a mix of fighters. Jasmine is the descendent of the Fallen of Warriors, daughter of a phoenix assassin, and daughter of the only Majesti Warlock in Jericho. Once she is somewhat tame she will make fine breeding.”

“Be careful of the phoenixes, lad. they are volatile and will turn on you if it will help them succeed.”

“I understand, grandfather.”



There, see I haven’t forgotten you people XD.


Writing and Drawing

With only a few spare hours during the day of which to do either, I usually end up doing both!

Writing has been my passion since I was little (when I was about 10ish I wrote my first “novel” and it was horrible XD you can read it here on my blog ). I think since then I have improved drastically. Back then I thought writing 2,000 words was a novel! HA! It was daunting to a little kid. Now a word goal of 100,000 words is a challenge. Even just writing 50,000 seems impossible. But I seem to succeed when I put my mind to it.

So far I have published one book on Amazon (you can also find that on my blog). And am currently working on three WIPs.

The first being “Abandoned Highlander” a book I started back in 2009 (and dropped since I have no clue how to write a “normal” romance) and have recently edited to be better (it’s still not a normal Romance. but I have a thing for highlanders {-}-{-};;;.)

The second is “Trigger” a supernatural story set before 12-21-12. I wanted my heroine to be strong and courageous no matter what is thrown her way (since I read so many books where the main character ends up breaking before becoming strong (examples include: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning (SPOILER: the Main Character ends up raped), Vampire Academy by Rachelle Mead (SPOILERS: the main character ends up seeing her lover get killed), and many others). So I wanted someone who was already strong to begin with. A smart alec that could do anything.

And the third is my story Weaving Arrows (which I’ve been working on since 2007 which was my first National Novel Writing Month). I’ve been trying to perfect this booger since then and everytime I get close the Characters change on me {>}-{<} it gets so annoying! But I preserver and try to keep everything together.

Now on to Drawing. Drawing is a fairly new passion for me. I only started drawing four years ago. I refused to draw when I was a kid (for several reasons but a main one was whenever I turned out to be better at something than my mom she sabotaged it, so I didn’t want to ruin it. And yes, I write better than her, so I never showed her my stories (I got smart {^}-{~}).

I started drawing at a friend’s house when she showed me her artwork and all of the tutorials that she had saved from DeviantArt and books she found at a library. I began to honestly love learning how to draw. I really loved the Anime Style and eventually created my own (for some reason I’m obsessed with making eyebrows epic). Chibis became an almost second nature to me. I loved making big heads and little bitty bodies and making them all adorable {^}-{^}.

Chibis seem to take the least amount of time for me. Thus it becomes the one thing that I can draw on a daily basis (and yes I’m FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from being awesome, I know it {^}-{~} but that’s what all artists (of any craft, be it writing or drawing) need. A way to perfect their style). I do honestly throw away more drawings than I keep. But that’s ok. Because it means that I just need to try, try again.

Full bodies are harder for me. Because I suck at hands (I’ve gotten better since my first drawings where I ended up just hiding them XD). I usually use my own hand for reference. If it’s a left hand however, I end up looking things up just to be able to make it better.

Anyway, there are my thoughts on my two favorite crafts.

Happy Writing.


As a bonus! another excerpt from Trigger