Fire of the Night Progress

Just in case y’all think that I have forgotten that I left you hanging in Dangerous Beginnings, I have not. I’m working on writing and editing Friendly Enemies while in the process of writing all of my other stories. It just took a little detour XD. I promise though I am writing Fire of the Night 2.

Here’s a sneakpeak so that you can see what is awaiting you when I finish the story:


1516, Delano Keep, Elven Kingdom, Jericho


“Is everything in place?” Marak asked, his black eyes sparkling.

Aidan Delano smirked. “Of course, grandfather. The traitor will soon be dead.”

“Excelent. What of the Rasinco girl and your uncle?”

“I intend to have dear uncle Rajan name me heir of his throne.” Aidan flashed a truly wicked grin. “I have managed to keep him thinking that he needs to marry for the best of his lands and that Jasmine isn’t right. As for her, I intend to make her mine once Rajan is out of the picture.”

Marak raised a brow. “Aidan, Jasmine is almost thirty-one years old.”

“That is in human years. She stopped aging at seventeen, because of her fallen blood.”

The Delano king rubbed his bearded chin and nodded. “That is true,” he admitted. “Why her?”

“She is a mix of fighters. Jasmine is the descendent of the Fallen of Warriors, daughter of a phoenix assassin, and daughter of the only Majesti Warlock in Jericho. Once she is somewhat tame she will make fine breeding.”

“Be careful of the phoenixes, lad. they are volatile and will turn on you if it will help them succeed.”

“I understand, grandfather.”



There, see I haven’t forgotten you people XD.


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