This is Halloween!

*dances* Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid I never got to do the normal trick-or-treat or get costumes, or even celebrate it. Since four years ago (and another fellow writer) I have begun to appreciate it :D. I dress up in a costume every year too. Last year I was a vampire, this year I am Vanellope Von Schweetz. I created my costume myself! Geez, what can’t this girl do :P.

Anyway, on this joyous day I am going to: go to costco in costume, pick up my steampunk poison ivy friend from work (in costume :P), and go trick-or-treating.

After I write for a while since HA! NaNo is tomorrow and I wanted to get FotN2 finished before then…. I don’t think it is going to happen. I might get really darn close…. <_< FotN2 why are you soooo troublesome!? *ahem*

Time to ww with my writer friend. LATER!


2 thoughts on “This is Halloween!

  1. The Illustrious (or Illustrous depending on your opinion),Ecurb says:

    Sorry you were so traumatized and unable to go out ‘beggin’ *cough* XP

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