Life, The Universe, and Everything

So, I lost my job, yet again. <.<. And the letter they gave me was all lies and politics. All of my excoworkers even said that they were amazed that they let me go. In all honesty… I am pretty pissed. So here are some pros and cons:




1. No job (It’s a pain but it’s part of life)

2. It’s seasonal season here so finding a job is hard

3. They flipping lied in order to get me completely fired (even the guy who handed me the letter after reading it said that it was stupid)

4. That is on my record now >_<

5. No money for Christmas presents for my family and friends 😦




1. More time to write my NaNo (or any other novels for that matter) while looking for another job

2. More time to actually work out and not be a lard on the couch (gonna be getting up at 8am every day again!)

3. Actually get things cleaned and organized.

4. More time to draw! And do things that actually matter to me

5. I can apply for unemployment (thus have some money to pay bills and such)

6. Write in this blog 😛

In other news things are otherwise going great! I have food, a home, boyfriend, his brother, and two loverly kitties that love me :D. Things couldn’t be happier. I just need to find a job that will let me work there for more than a year. Just keep smiling and moving forward. That’s all I can do.

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