It’s Our Time To Change it All!


Holy cow it was a very busy few months. I ended up finding a job in late november, got sick on christmas, was sick through new years (it was a very evil cold/flu), and then got a second job I started on a monday. *rubs temples* So darn busy.

On the plus side on my happy little note, I am able to write in my spare time (there isn’t much) and between that and drawing commissions I have my hands full. I’ve written a good thousand words in Trigger in the time being. I plan on having it finished by my birthday and then doing all sorts of major edits with it XD. It has gotten my stepmom’s stamp of approval (and that means a lot to me! since her stamp as golden as Lily’s from How I met Your Mother). So I wanna have it done and published by her birthday (as an awesome birthday present).

Now I gotta head out to see a movie with my friend so I will leave you with the song on repeat for right now! Check back next week for another excerpt from Trigger!