Officially Happy!



Here’s me holding the softcover of my first ever book: Treacherous Beginnings. Which will hopefully be available for purchase come the end of February.

I brought it into work to edit it on break and had five people ask me if they could buy it! XD

That’s all I got this week, but I figured excitement was a good thing to have today 😛


So Many Evil Words, Chat Speak, and Fire of the Night: Friendly Enemies!

I have a writer’s forum called Creative Station and I decided to put up a whole thing about the evil words that pop up in any author’s life. So I’m putting it here as well XD.

Their, There, They’re

Their: Their is used if you can use it as something that is relating to them or themselves (be it person or animal). Examples: “It’s their clothes.” “They all have their own theories.” etc
There: This is a position. Examples: “It’s over there.” “See that thing over there?” etc
They’re: Literally this is “They are” combined into one word. Examples: “They’re so snooty!” “They’re over there discussing their plans.”

To or Too
To: This word can be used as a preposition or as an adverb. As a preposition it is used mostly as an action like movement. Example: “I placed my back to the window.” As an adverb it is used as a way to explain a direction, contact, or as a way to bring someone out of unconsciousness. Examples: (direction) “I need to run to the store.” (contact) “The wind slammed the door to my body!” (way to bring someone about) “I brought him to with smelling salts.”
Too: This can be used instead of “also” or “as well”. Examples: “I have that problem, too.” “Is it possible I had that idea too?”

Effect or Affect
These two are the most tricky of all of the words dry.gif. I think that no matter who you are these words will effect you tongue.gif.

QUOTE (Merriam Webster for kids)
Now as a side note, I used the Webster for kids because it makes it a little bit easier to understand (in my opinion) : to produce an effect upon: as a : to produce a significant influence upon or change in <paralysis affected his limbs> b : to act upon (as a person or a person’s feelings) so as to cause a response <the criticism affected her deeply>
Effect: this is what happens when you affect a situation. The affect is the cause. A good example is this: “The law went into effect today.” It can also be used as an accomplishment.

Who or Whom
For this you get a comic: mostly cuz I’m lazy but also because his ideas make sense.

It’s or Its
It’s: literally “it is” combined into one word. Examples: “It’s a beautiful day outside!” “It’s attacking me!”
Its: this word is possessive. Examples: “my child is proud of its drawings.” (of course if you know the gender you would use she’s or he’s and that’s a good example of when you can use its) “It’s its kennel.”

Then or Than
Then: this is something that will follow something else, that time, or soon after that. Examples: (following) “First came the chicken then the egg.” (that time) “It was better back then.” (soon after that) “I opened the door then turned.”
Than: this word is used as a comparison. Examples: “Oranges are better than apples.” “I’d rather eat dirt than Lima beans.” (no offense to people who like Lima beans :P).

Chat Speak. *sighs* This is one of my pet peeves. Especially when people do it via facebook (while on their computer) or on their phones that have a full keyboard and no text limits. “How r u doing?” My response? “I don’t know how r and u are doing. I’m doing great though :D.” Uggggggh. I’m cool with some short hand, like: lol, rofl, omgosh, gmta (great minds think alike). Those are fine, but when you shorten you to u and are to r and everything else. It makes it hard for me to read and chances are that I will ignore the text. I’d rather have a full written out text than a shortened chat speak! It annoys me! So so so much. What makes it even better is that my dad (who I know has a grasp on the English language!) uses chat speak when talking to me. Hence why I call him anytime he uses it.
Anyway, that rant is over.
Now on to Fire of the Night: Friendly Enemies.
I originally thought that I was going to need to wait until December of this year to publish the second book of the series. But I looked through it last night, wrote a couple thousand words, added other things in, and recreated the whole prologue.  And even though it ends on a cliffhanger there is a third book in the works. But I’m rambling, the point is that you might only have to wait until September for Book 2: Friendly Enemies. Depending on when my cover is done. I commissioned my artist friend earlier this month to do the art work and soon I have to beg my friend to do the cover itself. So cross your fingers!
Now let’s put into perspective how many words were in the first book, it reached a little over 8,000. The second book reached over 13,000. I’m telling you now there is a point to this series. A definitive point and a plot. It was just too huge to put into one book and it jumps years so much to get to the point of it that it made sense to make it into a smaller book but a longer series. In book 2 you get a taste of what the plot is in the prologue. In book 3 the point is emphasized and you finally get into the hang of the story.
So far I have about 15 of the books planned out (and let me tell you they get longer and longer as the time goes on) but only titles and ideas for covers for the first 7. I have recently lost my journal that I had everything about Fire of the Night written in. So I must find that before I go any farther in the series.
That’s all I got this week!
Write on, dudes!

Trigger Excerpt and Beauty and the Beast Skirts

I bought a Beauty and the Beast Skirt from hottopic last week and was finally able to wear it today. It was on clearance so I wanted to get it before it was gone! I love the story of Beauty and Beast so much, because of the moral of the story. “Beauty is found within.” That was how I got to being the person I am was because of that story. I tend to look at people not because of how they look but because of who they are. And that shows up in my writing as well :D.


So here I am in my lovely B&tB skirt 😀Image


I loves it!

I am also happy because I got my new phone and contract under my parents. Let’s hope these next two years will be fine with phones…. Last time I upgraded my phone two months later it was stolen, then I got one from amazon (which turned out to have been dropped in water ><), that had to be fixed so many times it would have been better for me to buy a new one. So now I got a new one and safe it will stay!

Now getting on to Trigger. Not only am I writing the story, but I am not writing it linear… Some of it yes, other parts of it no. So this excerpt was not written linear to the story. If I had to guess where it would go, I’d say maybe at the earliest chapter 25 at the latest chapter 37. I also have part of a chapter written for the second book. Right now the story is going slow because of the war meeting going on. There’s a lot of my friend’s cameos in there as well XD.

Write on dudes!