Trigger Excerpt and Beauty and the Beast Skirts

I bought a Beauty and the Beast Skirt from hottopic last week and was finally able to wear it today. It was on clearance so I wanted to get it before it was gone! I love the story of Beauty and Beast so much, because of the moral of the story. “Beauty is found within.” That was how I got to being the person I am was because of that story. I tend to look at people not because of how they look but because of who they are. And that shows up in my writing as well :D.


So here I am in my lovely B&tB skirt 😀Image


I loves it!

I am also happy because I got my new phone and contract under my parents. Let’s hope these next two years will be fine with phones…. Last time I upgraded my phone two months later it was stolen, then I got one from amazon (which turned out to have been dropped in water ><), that had to be fixed so many times it would have been better for me to buy a new one. So now I got a new one and safe it will stay!

Now getting on to Trigger. Not only am I writing the story, but I am not writing it linear… Some of it yes, other parts of it no. So this excerpt was not written linear to the story. If I had to guess where it would go, I’d say maybe at the earliest chapter 25 at the latest chapter 37. I also have part of a chapter written for the second book. Right now the story is going slow because of the war meeting going on. There’s a lot of my friend’s cameos in there as well XD.

Write on dudes!

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