On Working Two Jobs, Having a Boyfriend, and Writing

Alright, so on a serious note, Writing should not be a hobby. If you want to write and be published you need to consider it a job (if it can’t be a full time job that’s fine too, so long as you treat it as a job).

When I first started writing it was a hobby, writing in my spare time and having fun on the side. When I was about 18 I got serious about it. I spent at least 10 hours a day writing and sharpening my skill.

Now on that note, writing is not a lucrative field unless you are well known and popular. So while I would love to have it as a full time job and just spend my days writing I have bills to pay! So in order to pay my bills, thereby keeping internet and a roof over my head, I work two jobs (not including writing). Are they fun? Maybe! I enjoy my day job and my night job is great because I work with some fun and interesting people.

So my days are spent like this: Sunday (Writing and rest), Monday (I work 2 shifts so inbetween them I write or clean), Tuesday (I only have about an hour inbetween jobs so I cannot write), Wednesday (1 job, writing and spending time with my boyfriend) Thursday (same as tuesday), Friday (1 job, writing), Saturday (1 job, playing WoW with my dad).

So basically one job I work 40 hours a week, second job I work around 9-12 hours a week, and writing? I think I average between 5-20 hours in a week. And yes I count research as part of my writing job. Even if it’s just researching different elves (like reading Tolkien) or finding out how people portray their dragons.

Let’s also add that having a relationship is work as well! I try to spend more time with my boyfriend than I do writing. But the nice thing about my significant other? Even if we’re in the same room (me doing my thing and he doing his) we’re still spending time together, and it’s amazing <3. He’s also supportive of anything I do.

So there you have it, how I juggle writing as a career and working two jobs, and having a boyfriend. Also, having two cats is fun to XD they’re like little kids in a way so I also juggle that, but I make it all work!

Write on Dudes!