Book Cover WiP and Happiness






So today didn’t start out so awesome. I’ve been feeling sick all day, girly problems *grimace* but I did get to see X-Men Days of Future Past with my boyfriend ❤ so that made my day better. Back in January I ordered a commission from my favorite artist and today I got to see his WiP!



Doesn’t it look epic? 😀 Once it is done I just have to beg my friend who did my cover on the last book to do this one and then hopefully still have it release in September… hopefully O.O. OMBob! It’s happening! I’m excited over it :D.

Now on to happiness. I have recently gotten rid of 2/3 credit cards. Woohoo! Just one to go (and that one is probably going to go away in about 2-3 months.) All that leaves are my student loans and I can deal with those just fine.

I also quit working my second job. So now I am down to just one and more freetime. Though I have been reading and working on a lot more cosplay!

Which brings me to NDK! I’m going to go as Fem 4th Doctor, Fem Barry (from Alan Wake with my boyfriend as Alan Wake), and 1950s Fluttershy (an outfit of my own creation!).  I already have all of the 4th doctor, part of Barry (just need a red puffy coat, headlight, and christmas lights, and a hawaiin shirt, but I got the boots, socks, and pants), and all but the skirt for 50’s Fluttershy.



Look at how cute that is!

That’s all I have for now!


Keep on writing, dudes!