Two new book covers, life, and everything else

Sorry for  the radio silence. Was working on my stories (which I need to edit still. But, Fire of the Night 2 WILL be released this September 1st of that I can assure you!), working, and trying to have a life XD. Yeah, not so hot for keeping up with blogs. But I will try to remember to start blogging every Saturday when I get home from work.


As you can see on the side I have added two new stories that will be writen in. The Seer (a side story from Barrel of a Gun) and Safety (Barrel of a Gun 2). So things are being planned out! Just gotta get into the groove of it. I’ve been attempting to write at least a little in Trigger in order for it to have a release date of January 17th 2015 (just in time for my stepmom’s birthday ^-^). As for Hidden Revelations (Fire of the Night 3), I have a cover idea planned out I just need to message my artist friend for the commission and then beg the friend who has done both book covers for FotN AND the book cover for Trigger <3, as for writing the story…I think I might just have to either scrap what I already have or print it all out and figure out what I need to do with it…because it’s moving too fast for my liking. I dunno what I’m doing yet. I’ll figure it out.


Now on to the book covers! The big reveal for FotN2 and BoaG1 😀 😀




TADA! FotN2! Done by Mercy and the artwork done by my artist friend. On the back cover there will be a hidden Aidan if you can see him 😉


book cover

As I’ve said before this book is coming out on September 1st. So keep an eye out for it or even just check my website: I’ll probably be excited over it.


Now look at Barrel of a Gun. Doesn’t this one look very actiony? ❤ I love it! So much! I can’t wait to see this one in print 😀

Trigger book Cover


That’s all I got. Write on dudes!