Safety and Snow

Hi all! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Sorry I’ve been super busy, working, working, more working. And then writing as much as I can! I’ve also been doing NaNo *points to sidebar* as you can see I’m at 30,000 (if not more!) words in the sequel to Trigger. It’s titled: Safety.

Here’s what it’s about!

“I only have two months before the Majiks make their way into our world. I don’t think I will survive this war. However, someone took a step into my world. I warned him not to, but he took the plunge anyway. Damn, I don’t need anyone else to get hurt in this war because of me!

The safety has clicked off and the trigger is prepared to be pulled. I cannot afford to love this time. I need to be strong and fight. I only have a few people on my side that can help me destroy the evils in my world. Joy’s Army as she tries to call them. Army? It’s more like a fanclub!

There’s Boss or Joy. She is the brains of this operation. She calls the shots and makes the rules. The rest of us just follow her. Maggie Lynn. This is our cop in. She works undercover for us and provides information on whereabouts or the latest news that has not hit the stands yet. She also knows that the higher ups are Vampires. What kind… we don’t know. Vivanna Rodriguez. Another in. She is the former lover/pet of the Nosrekcin leader, Eresh Esan. She talks to him, he keeps tabs on the other vampires. Win-win. Shamira Celeb. A pickpocket dragon shifter. She steals any information we cannot get for ourselves. But she has been distant lately, having gotten married under our nose.  Kelsey Ryuu. Shamira’s cousin. This is our tactical supervisor. She has a fake eye invented by Marissa, but keeps it hidden underneath her patch. Richard Chase, a Private Investigator that turned out to be a Berserker. Also, turns out that according to Seer—and I’ll get to her—the one that can help me tame the beast within. She’s already tame! Viper, the leader of the Zodiac Assassins and one of our more useful allies, she’s usually hiding in the background. And lastly, The Seer, she’s not part of the group that Joy has formed, but she keeps an eye out for me…even when I don’t want it.

This is my crew. We are protecting your world from the dangers that you face. You are welcome from the bottom of my heart. However, if the Majiks gain enough power and take over your world…pray to whatever god you think can protect you.”

Honestly, it’s been an interesting ride in the life of Rose…and several people are promising to become spinoff series including:

1. Maggie-Lynn Stevenson

2. Frost Lindome

3. Richard Chase P.I. (although his are mostly mysteries and kind of a prequel until he came to find Rose)

4. Víðarr and Zillah

5. Shamira and Kelsey Ryuu

7. Luna Lily

8. Seer (again another prequel kind of series/her own world, and most of it will be co-written with my friend Noel, who writes Death)

Among many more. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Trigger is set for a release date of January 17th 2015. Just in time for my stepmother’s birthday! :D. Happy Early Birthday, Sheila! ❤ I wub you! And I hope you end up liking it!

Anyway, tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, so I’m going to make sure I bug him and let him know that his birthday still registers on my life XD. Even if I didn’t have enough money to buy him a present this year. *pout* oh well there’s always Christmas.

As for the snow part of this <_<. I can’t tell you how much I dislike snow. I don’t like driving in it, I really don’t like walking in it, and it’s all because I was buried in a snow bank when I was six.

However, I will give snow this it gives plenty of reason to stay at home and drink hot chocolate! :D. Yay for hot chocolate and whipped cream *smirks*

That’s all I have for now. Keep on writing dudes, and I will too.