Life, the Universe and Everything else

Yes, I know I’m bad at updating the blog. I’m trying to get better….

But it’s that time again to explain what’s going on in the life of the writer. The home I’ve called home for the past four years was put on the market in January (when I was in the middle of editing Trigger), which added to the stress. It was recently bought and now I have to move in July.

So there you have it, why I haven’t been on long enough to post. I’ve been going through stuff that I own to find things that I can get rid of or sell.

But worry not I have been writing ^-^. That I promise. And editing, and everything else. Just been really busy. Including working on Web Design on the side, which is something that I enjoy! I really really do. Especially working with HTML by hand. Don’t ask me why I honestly have no idea…

That’s all I have for now. Keep being awesome!

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