Why I Write the Way I do

I was originally going to skip a blog post this week, but I’ve honestly had something in my craw that I needed to get out. So here we go a blog post.

I recently put up on my personal Facebook page (hence the deleted name and my friend’s deleted name) a post.

what's bothering me

Now granted I should have been a little bit more specific. I hardly ever write with a synopsis, I find it hard to keep on top of those and never even used them when I was in a class. I find them boring and then I also feel like I have to write around them. But my friend’s response honestly made me feel like I don’t put any effort at all into my writing. And to a writer that makes me feel like crap.

You can also tell that I “communicate” with my characters. A lot of really good writers do this. It helps flesh the characters out a little bit when you can “talk” to them. And I never want to do something that a character I write doesn’t want  to do. So I’ll  never put them in situations they can’t get out of.

As for any type of synopsis I do indeed have a few in order to keep some story ideas straight.

Here are two examples:

Hidden Revelations spoilers Barrel of a Gun spoilers

As you can see they are for two different stories. And yes I used a River Song thing. That’s just how I roll! You can also tell how many things are in the one for Hidden Revelations. That’s a lot of stuff that I need to plan for. But even then….my stories do tend to run off on a tangent I never expected. So I couldn’t plan for it. And when it surprises the writer, it can surprise the audience as well.

As for my comment on facebook, that was directed mainly towards the newest story that I’m writing. As you can see the brightly colored word counter to the left, it’s called Forbidden Dance. The 25,000 words is my minimum I can write, the max is 40,000 and if my story is longer than 25,000 words I’ll change it to 40,000 that way I can remember how many words I need to stop at.

Why am I writing Forbidden Dance with absolutely no synopsis written down? Well, for one thing it’s a romance story that focuses around a Ballerina. I know where the story is going to end. I even have a little bit of a chapter written around the middle of the story already put into the story, and I know how it began. I just didn’t mind where it went around them. And just letting my character live her daily life is fun. Besides, her love interests (yes, she has three guys interested in her. Love square is much better than love triangle.

I’m not saying that I don’t care where my story goes, trust me I really do. I just don’t want to bog myself down with a synopsis that I feel that I have to work around. Why is Rose’s story different? Well Rose needs boundaries otherwise that character will run off on bunny trails that don’t even matter. As for why Fire of the Night has one, well I’ll let my good friend Barbossa tell you that:

The reason why I write the way I do is in order to let my characters do their own story rather than me tell you what I think their story should be.

Keep on Writing Dudes and don’t forget to be awesome!

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