Book Covers, Moving Woes, Edits, Writing, and Working, oh my

Trigger Cover

You see that? You see that!? That is my official Book Cover for Trigger from my Publisher Take Me Away Books! 😀

Can you tell that I’m super excited about this? I’m seriously about to die of happiness right about now. It’s almost enough to make me forget that I’m moving soon.

Which brings us to Moving Woes. From my PTSD I have a horrible track record of moving. I always felt like my things always vanished anytime I moved and that I would lose friends and people that I loved. But this time I’m moving with my boyfriend, so I’m trying to keep everything together. It won’t be so stressful this year!

As for Editing, I’m working on Editing Trigger so that I can get a publication date <3. I’m way too excited for this. But on the plus side I’m getting my edits done pretty quick. So hopefully this book will be out soon!

For Writing, I’m working on writing up Forbidden Dance, which is a romance story. I think it’s going pretty good <3. Which is just pretty awesome! Along with that I’m also working on what I can for Fire of the Night, finishing Safety which is the sequel to Trigger, and working on Weaving Arrows. Let’s just say it’s a lot of work for a little girl XD.

Not to mention I work 40 hours in a week so it makes it really hard to write when I want to. But with my three-day weekend for the Fourth, I’m actually doing pretty good on editing. I’m almost at 100 pages edited in Trigger and will probably be AT 100 pages edited in about twenty minutes after posting this blog XD.

Keep on Writing Dudes and Don’t forget to be awesome!