Gathering My Thoughts

When Trigger first appeared it was a silly idea I had in October of 2012. With the news of the Mayan Calendar, I had a crazy what-if scenario pop into my head. What if the Mayans were set to return as vampires?

I wrote down simple plot points, things that might happen. The entire story was just a mish-mosh of random things that should/might happen. I wrote it all down in preparation for National Novel Writing Month in November.

When the time came I just wrote whatever was in my head. In what my boyfriend referred to as: “Steam of consciousness that needed to get out.”

I finished it the next year and started going through it chapter-by-chapter for the first time. I deemed it good enough and started reading it again. Then I got a few editors on the case. One of them was an English major who noticed that I kept switching passive vs. present tenses and finally explained it to me in a way that made sense.

And then I met my best friend. Who came to realize I was missing someone important in the story. Her Immortal of Death. She allowed me to borrow her character with guidance from her on how he would talk/act/everything.

So, chapter-by-chapter I went through Trigger again. Adding Death in there, with Rose making quippy remarks/loving certain songs which became the Chapter Titles. And then added some weird things in there that my editors thought would make the story more interesting, but took away from who/what Rose and Morph are.

I looked through it again and deemed it good enough. My boyfriend started going through it again. He noticed that some characters vanished without a trace, too many people were introduced at once, and the plot was lost in the struggle.

Then came the overhaul. I started dissecting  Trigger, Chapter-by-Chapter, for the third time. This time looking at it closely. Making sure that everything was in First Person, Present Tense, Point-of-View.

For the laymen, the style that I’m writing a blog in is First Person (using I, me), Past Tense (it happened already), Point-of-View. Lord of the Rings is written in Third Person (He, She), Past Tense, Point-of-View, and the Hunger Games is written in First Person, Present Tense (it’s happening), Point-of-View. Second Person Point-of-View is where the writer writes using you and is mostly used in video games. And Future tense is saying that things will happen in the future, which is mostly used in other languages.

After the brief sojourn into a bunny trail, the writer returns to her point.

The overhaul was simply a way to gather my thoughts, not only to correct any minor mistakes I made, but to make sure that everything flowed, that characters didn’t just vanish, that things were explained a little better, and that everything just…meshed.

As of right now, I am at 41,807 words in the overhaul. And why it’s going so quickly is that I’m not rewriting everything. I’m only rewriting parts that don’t make sense.

That’s all I got!

Keep on Writing Dudes and Don’t forget to be awesome!

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