Trigger 3.0

*groans* yet another overhaul. I went on a date with my boyfriend today in order to EDIT Trigger. What it turned into was this:


Me: *editing*

Tony: You need to give Rose a day job. Otherwise she’s just sitting around all day doing nothing but sleeping. what?

Tony: You could make her painting her profession…

Me: I don’t see Rose doing that.

Tony: What about working at an office?

Me: She stuck at 18, people are going to start going, wow you’re 30? You look good for your age.

Tony: Fast food?

Me: *gives him a look* Hi, welcome to Wendy’s may I take your freaking order? *said deadpan*

Tony: You’re painting her into a corner. She needs to have something to do. Something that will add comic relief and make Rose more likeable.

Me: *groan*

Tony: And Dayle can’t just pop up outta nowhere. You need to have him be a work to get there. Where is this even set up at where Reiki people show up out of nowhere?

Me: Colorado.

Tony: *snorts* forget I asked then. You need to show more crazy people then.

Me: *laughs*

Tony: And then Dayle’ll see her in, I dunno a Denny’s outfit.

Me: didn’t they use to wear things like little frilly dresses?

Tony: Maybe not Denny’s…don’t want to get sued.

Me: Right. Um, well

Tony: Something medieval too! That way it’ll fit her. And I quote “I was a barmaid in the dark ages, now I’m a barmaid in 2010s in a place that mimics the dark ages”

Me: *laughs and starts looking up Medieval puns, says a few before:” What King was famous for his works of fiction at the round table? King Author!

Tony: That’s it! Call the place King Author’s and everyone that works there is dressed up as princesses and stuff from fairy tales.

Me: yeah but who would Rose be…*thinks about it* What character would she hate the most? Snow White.

Tony: *laughs* Welcome to King Author’s, our Apple Pie is to die for.

Me: *snickers* Oh my gosh, she would so want to die working at that place XD.

Tony: Even better, when Dayle sees her apron he starts going to that place just to harras her!


And thus, Rose got a day job.


That’s all I got!

Keep on Writing Dudes and Don’t forget to be awesome!


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