Confessions of a “Sellout”

Since I had a video posted today (I’ll include a link below) where I vlogged for my old Cleanplace buddies, I had a friend point out that I shouldn’t use the word sellout.

There is actually a reason behind the fact that I chose that word specifically when it came to writing romance. I had a few friends back in the day (that I no longer talk to) and two authors tell me that when you write romance you’re selling out.

That really stuck with me. Especially since two of the authors who told this to me were Christian Fantasy writers! And when I asked those two where should I get my start in writing they told me the same thing:

“Don’t write romance, Christian or Secular, it’s selling out.”

Why? Why is it selling out? I actually asked a romance writer why it is considered selling out. Her reply was fantastic.

“They say that, because when you start out as a romance writer it’s hard for people to see you otherwise. Especially when you start writing fiction that’s out there.”

Do I believe that I “Sold Out” when I became a romance writer? No, I think I became an Author when I became a romance writer.

So why do I say that I sold out and became a romance writer in the video? I’m poking fun at the people who told me it would be selling out. Because to my knowledge, I’m now published and they’re still piddling around not knowing what to do with their life.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this dramatic blog,

Enjoy the video!

Keep on Writing Dudes and Don’t forget to be awesome!