NaNo is in full Swing!

National Novel Writing Month…this is usually a time of disappointment for me. I started doing NaNo in 2007, I won that one. After that in falling into depression, moving a lot, and having things to deal with I didn’t write again until 2011 and then I won that one. I was a participator from 2011 to 2014. And then I won 2015 and I’m working my way to winning 2016. I’ve been donating to NaNo since 2013, because I approve of their cause and helping people write.

In 2007 I could write, but I wasn’t writing the way I could or should. Thus the Dark Prince was a good rough draft. In 2011 I worked with the rough draft, figure out ideas and plot lines and realized that my “Dark Prince” from my first NaNo actually had a lot of character development waiting.

Weaving Arrows (2011) is still a rough draft. I never completely finished that story. I still need to work my way through Miriam and Aaron’s story to figure out completely who those two are and what exactly their story means. I know where it begins and I know where it ends. It’s everything in the middle that counts.

2012…that one was actually a little idea I had. What if the Calendar is real? I was rather skeptical over the Mayan Calendar. After all, when you reach the end of a calendar…the world doesn’t end, you get a new one. After that, Rose Marie Lupei started talking in my head. I didn’t finish Trigger in 2012.I barely got halfway with it. It wouldn’t be until July of 2016 that I would finally finish Rose’s first story.

Curse of an Ancient King (2013) is yet another unfinished story in Miriam and Aaron’s world. But it’s set in their past and is loosely based off of the legend of King Arthur. Rose even mentions Excalibur in Safety.

Despite…having Rose’s first book unfinished…in 2014 I started work on Safety. I didn’t finish that one either. However, I am not at 48,000 words in that story. I wanted to finish it before this year’s NaNo, but it didn’t end up going that way. It’s currently shelved while I work on this years NaNo.

The Death of Memories (2015), was actually based off of a dream my dad had. However, halfway through the story I lost where it was going and eventually just started writing fanfiction. Thus the Death of Memories was never finished. I do plan on working on that story…eventually. I still have Suppressor to finish after Safety.

This year, I am working on the Three Novella romances I need. And I’ve come up with a pattern. I write until the cute romance gets to me and then I write fanfiction about a character that I am curious about to get more character development. Then I go back to writing my Novella.

I’m halfway done with the rough Draft of Love Me Tender’s (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.

So I think I’m doing just fine this year!

Keep on writing, dudes! And don’t forget to be awesome!