Convention and Phone Loss

So this weekend I ended up going to the Denver Nan Desu Kan with my lovely Boyfriend :D. Everything was awesome! Took loads of pictures on my iPhone and had a good time. Ended up getting LOADS of Sailor Moon related things as well as other fan-girl items. Including the most awesome 3D poster of Assassin’s Creed 3.


I was Tohru Honda the first day, Mizore Shirayuki the second, and I didn’t have enough time to dress up as Princess Jupiter on the third because we had to pack and be out of the Hotel before anything awesome happened (including the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon panel *pout*).


At the end of the Second Day I realized that my iPhone had vanished… Here’s hoping it reappears.


Anyways, next week I’ll post an excerpt of Life is Gray on this Blog so that you can see the next story that I’m writing. It will show you what went on through Grace Robinson’s head during 9/11/2001 as well as introduce you to a place where the Real world meets Fantasy and clashes.


See you then!