The first story I ever wrote

I’m bringing my skeleton out of the closet and letting everyone read it!

When I was… 10? Anyway, I was little. I had to write a story for school and retell an old folk story. So I did. I got an A for it. I decided to make my own book. Since my mom wrote suspense I decided to write a mystery! Thus the book was titled “the Mystery”. There was a sequel titled “The Mystery 2” (I know, original, right?).

In re-reading the poor story I noticed that there were some things that had showed up in things like Wishbone, the Boxcar Children, and many other things. But I was still proud of it. Thus I have kept this book for many years. And now I am sharing them both with you!

Behold the awesomeness of 2,270 words! (Note, the Mystery is found in Chapter Three)




The Mystery


By: Lydia Joy Nickerson


Chapter One

Sarah Meets Andy


Hi My Name is Sarah Samantha Smith.

I was going to play a game in a chat room. When someone invited me to another chat room it was called “The Code Buster”. Weird name for a chat room, anyway in code he asked me to break the code.

I asked in code: Who are you? He answered in code   “Andrew Andy to you babe.” I Said, “Do not call me babe” “No sweat”.

I broke the code and it said this: Ana my love you have broken my heart so go and do not see me again.

And this AnaBanana Girl said:

Boo Hoo you do not love me any more so I will go away and you will not see my name again.

Not exactly Cinderella. He said it was love and I said it was not and left.

Andy broke the code that I had said in a girl’s chat room that I made up its name is “The Code”. He went in as AnaBanana and I had given my email addy out to AnaBanana in code.

And he sends me love letters here’s one:

Dearest Sarah,

I love you with all my heart you’re writing is so beautiful.



I asked him if he wanted to meet he said yes where when.

The Hawaiian Restaurant at 12:00 tomorrow.



I saw him and Whoo was he CUTE and he smelled nice. He was 13 and so was I. He was saved and so was I.

We talked in code in a new chat room called “The Chat”. We password the writing column Sarah and Andy 13.

We soon went to the Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt. We had 10 teams I was with sweet who was Andy’s cousin Lydia Nickerson  Andy was with his other cousin mean old Seth Nickerson.

Only 2 team’s left standing at the end.

Last teams were Lydia’s and Seth’s.

We had to go into the spooky house to test our wits the first one to find the gift certificate for $100 at McDonalds won.

We were in the house.

I heard the floor creak and I felt like someone was flowing me that was spooky. Then my hair stood up on one side. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I ran my hair still standing on one side. Then a piece of paper fell on my back I grabbed it was the $100 Gift Certificate!

Then behind me I heard a scream and someone bumped into me AHHHHHHH. Lydia? Sarah? <Giggle>.

Then Andy and I went into the chat room the one that He and I made up.

We talked about the scavenger hunt that we had fun doing it.


Then Andy asked invited me to another chat room called “The Tree house No Girls allowed”.


Chapter two.



So I went in as Sam because my middle name is Samantha. Then in code they spoke about this: I am going to go into the bank and get my money and split. Me to. I called the police right away and told them their email addys and told them where they were going. I was about to close the window when something strange happened to my puter it went blank then some kind of writing was on my puter:

Dear Sam,

Who are you buddy?

I said to Myself. “your worst nightmare”.


Then I felt like I was in the room with them. Then I heard

A loud bang at the door then carried out the door with handcuffs on my hands.

Then I was home at my puter in the same chat room that I was invited to. So weird

I thought it was a puter virus. It was weird.


In Andy’s house he had the same feeling about the handcuffs the screen and the words.


Then I told Andy to go to “The Chat”. There we talked about the chat room. I asked him if he got the blank screen. He said Yes. Yes can you believe it? I can’t. We went back to the chat room and low and behold there was someone there. He asked if we wanted to meet them. We said yes. We met them and they raised their eyebrows and said are you Sam? They asked Andy. I said no I am. They punched me and I was out cold Andy fought them but they took me away. Andy called the police and told them the license plate number and I woke up in a place I did not recognize. Then I knew where I was I was in there hideout tied to a chair I tried to break lose but it was no use. Then before all hope was lost who popped in but Andy? We are 14 now. I batted my eyelashes and turned 10 shades of pink and red. He untied me then we left the hideout.

We went into the chat room. Then I was about to leave when my Mother told me to get off the puter so that we can go to my uncle’s farm.


Chapter Three

Uncle Luke


So I called Uncle Luke right away and told him we were going to see him. I was about to go to the farm. Then Andy IM me I thought that he was telling bye. He said that he was going with us to my uncle’s farm.

I thought it was a great idea but Mom had other plans. Andy’s Uncle died of cancer. So he said he had to go with us. Mom didn’t like it one bit.


On the way there I read “The Singing Ghost” A Boxcar Mystery.


Now some of my friends say the barn is hunted but I don’t think so. Maybe I will sleep in the barn with Uncle Luke

and Andy. <Sigh> I have heard of love at first sight but this is ridiculous you hear my mom say but I pretend that I don’t hear her. Andy said he would meet us there. I love him but my mom says to not marry him until I’m 20 or 21

<A deep sigh at my mom>. I get to the part of the book that really scares me and my Sister puts a blanket over my head. Sally! I scream. My Mom tells her to take that of my head. She says she’s only playing so I repeat it. I guess that’s what you get when you have a 3-year-old sister. <Sigh> I don’t think life could get any worse unless I had a baby brother whom I think is coming soon because my mom is pregnant. The doctor says it is a girl my mom says her name will be Kristin. I said MOM! I do not want a baby sister named Kristin. Then Kimberly so we can call her Kim for short. That’s great! I said. Then Samantha said that I did not like the name Kristen because we have to call her Krisy for short. I sigh at her and she blows raspberries at me. I blow raspberries back at her. Then mom shouts enough at us.

We’re here! We’re here! You here my sisters shout (I have a 5 and a 3 year-old sisters).                                       We jumped out of the car and ran right up to Uncle Luke. What about me? Andy Shouts. My eyes shine up and on my mouth lay a big grin I was shouting Andy. I ran up and kissed him on the cheek. Then he saw my little sisters and asked why I did not mentioned them. I uh I uh. Well my mom had Sally when we first met and well Samantha just slipped my mind and I forgot to tell you about them. He said. Oh. He said. We went inside and ate Chicken chow main which Samantha, Sally, Andy and I did not eat because we had heard the song catfood and we remember the verses here is one: But that’s not chicken in your chicken chow main. So you can see why we did not eat it. So we ordered crabrangoons and steak kabobs they where good.

When we ate the kabobs my Uncle sang catfood.

When it was time for bed there was one bed. The last time I came here I was 10 my Aunt was alive and there was 3 beds and four couches. Now one bed? I ask. He nods his head silently. Where is Aunt Sarah? He said in heaven. I cried silently but Sally & Samantha cried loudly. My mom and dad just sniffled. I am crying silently and I am 15 I don’t like to cry when I am that old.

Mom and Dad sleep in the bed while Uncle Luke, Andy, Sally and Sarah and me sleep in the barn. I blush at the sound of this because there are 3 rooms in the barn. One on the bottom and one on the top the third room is a mystery. To get to the bathroom you have to walk all the way to the house. Samantha and Sally always needed to go to the bathroom and so they asked me to take them because they were afraid of the dark. Then we saw something move. We ran after it then it went in the third room. So I told them to run and get Andy and Uncle Luke and run to the bathroom. When they got there I was inside flowing the thing whatever it was. Then Andy & Uncle Luke were calling my name. My sisters came back from the bathroom and said follow us. Then they went into the third room they saw me and they did not speak. Then something grabbed me and said in a gruff voice: All I want is peace and quiet. Uncle Luke said you could have this third room for $6.00. He let me go I ran into Andy’s arms and hugged him real tight. The man said his name was Seth. Seth gave Uncle Luke the money.

When we got home we talked in “The Chat” and said meet me at the chat called “The Mystery” at 11:00 tomorrow.


Chapter 4

The Mystery


When we got there they said it was for married or engaged couples so we said we are almost engaged because we where going to be engaged when we where 16 (his birthday is after mine which is tomorrow J). They said it is Ok if it takes a day or 2 if we aren’t engaged in 2 days we will be kicked out. So we said Ok.

My sisters share a room with me so today they crept to my puter and Imed Andy and typed now. He came over with a present in his hand. I woke up got dressed and went downstairs. I was surprised he had brought two brothers that looked like they where 3 & 5. I asked why didn’t you tell me about them? I uh I uh. Well Jacob was born when we met and Seth just slipped my mind and I forgot to tell you about them. I said oh.

I opened my presents and from Andy I got a book set called “The Boxcar Children Mystery” my sisters and Andy’ brothers got me a lot of “Mandie” book’s. Then Mom and dad brought a big box and told me to open it. I opened it and saw… saw…A set of real pearls in a necklace, a bracelet, and a set of earrings.

Andy took me and my sister’s and his brother’s to a fancy restrant. I wore my pearls and a very pretty lace dress. When we got to our table, Andy brought out a pearl ring, and said these words: Dearest Sarah, please marry me. I did not know what to say. I stood there fidgeting with my hair. My sister’s were shouting ‘say yes say yes”

So I said with a tear in my eye, yes. MY sisters and Andy’s Brother’s where copycating me and Andy. We looked at them and I said “Let’s go home after that meal I want to walk.”


Chapter 5




I noticed one day Mom was too big to be having one baby, so I thought she might be having twins or triplets.

The Day mom was going to have the baby or babies it was cold and rainy. We live in the country I stepped on mud in our dirt road. Yuck! I said. Double yuck triple yuck. My sisters said at the same time.


When we reached the hospital mom was rushed to the Emergency Room (E.R. as I call it).

When mom came out she held three babies in her hand a boy and two girls. Mom let me name one of the girls Dad named the boy and Mom named the other girl. I named her Anne Emily Smith Jr. after you Mom. I said. Dad said I named the boy after me David Samuel Smith Jr. Mom said I named her Lydia Joy Smith.

Chapter 6

The last chapter


This is the last of my Journal so I saved it until my daughter was 13. I was 21 when I married Andy Nickerson. I am 34 now this is my last writing day so I will give a new journal to my daughter Lydia Joy Nickerson

So I will sign my name on this page

Sarah Samantha Smith Nickerson


I hope that you liked the first book in this collection I have to admit I cried, Screamed, and laughed with Sarah.

Lydia Joy Nickerson




And now for the one chaptered sequel (only 166 words this time) enjoy!




The Mystery 2


By: Lydia Nickerson


Chapter one

Meet Lydia


Hi my name is Lydia Joy Nickerson. I was in my chat for Christian girls when I noticed a girl called AnaBanana was in there, “I’m not falling for that one.” I Thought “My mother told me about how my father had done that to her when she was 13. Nope not going to happen to me.” So I whispered to AnaBanana and said “Welcome to the code. Just  one thing that I ask the other girls when they are new is what is your name?”

“My name is Sam.” He (or she) answered

Another thing my mom did was go by the name of Sam instead of Samantha. It might be a girl you never know.

“Would you come to my chat?” they asked

Here it comes. Yup I know this one mom was invited to a chat like this one hmm should I go to this chat room and have a love letter sent to me or stay and have a boring chat? Well what am I waiting for I’ll go to their chat.

“What’s it called?” I asked politely

“The Code Buster” they answered

Great it’s the same chatroom My mom met dad in. Well it could be a girl.


We got into the Chat Room 




I hope that you enjoyed the randomness that was my younger brain!


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