The Progression of Fire of the Night

This is the 13 year journey of “Fire of the Night”

It started when I was 12 and playing a game with a bunch of friends where we created a world where magic was real and bad things happened. A girl who was to be queen was sentenced to die and her servant was changed into a cat. Only the cat servant could save her. I wrote it all down and kept it forever XD.

Two years later I started writing is as a real story. Here’s the “poem/prophecy” that I originally wrote for the first rendition of the book:

The Prophecy of the Evil Enchanter

 He shall come and bring Fire and night

Then only can four bring the light,

A golden haired princess with leaf of gold,

A king with face and hair of old,

A boy with parents life at end,

And Last a king that shall send

The Evil back to where it came.

When a coral eye sees the same

The king will come with golden crown,

And crown her with hair so brown.


Ugh, right?


Years passed again and again two years later I edited the whole thing one more time. The “poem” got a little better, but only a little:


There is one who will destroy the world in fire and darkness,

for his name means “Firey Night.”

Only one person will stand in his way.

He will kill his parents to succeed the throne.

Power is his vice and danger will be his drug,

his name will mean “Fiery night.”


One thing he will not be counting on will destroy

A majesti of fire and darkness wants to take the throne,

however, one stands in his way, Rajan, the rightful King.

The majesti made a blood vow and tried to kill his uncle.

A youngling noble prevented the death of Rajan, but,

things didn’t go as planned and the king was turned.


Alone and forgotten, he wanders alone, searching, waiting.

The noble grew up into a fine young woman.

However the majesti look away from her for saving the rightful king.

Eventually she meets him again, and their quest will start.

Ten items are needed to change him back from this form.


A hair off of a head of evil, crystal from the diggers,

a golden leaf from a girl with golden hair, a tear taken

from light and dark at midnight, blood from the woman

who changed dear Rajan, A metal of fire and ice, a scale of stars,

a bit of gold, from a horde of darkness, a plume of fire, and a wing.



All these things are required, but you must be warned,

for the one who loves the king under the enchantment,

will be the one to pay the price for his transformation.

A deep sleep, dreams of evil, fear of all who are near,

that fate will await you, save the king, save the lands.


In my opinion the story also got a little better, but I didn’t like Jasmine being a noble nor how young she was (in the original she started out at 13, the next one she was 16, now in this current one she’s in her 30s but appears to be in her teens due to slow aging). I also didn’t like Rajan much either. So I abandoned the book, refusing to even look at the darned thing. That’s how much I hated it at the time.

It poked and prodded at my brain for five years (for those of you following the math at home I was 21 when I picked it up again) until finally I picked up the story, dusted it off and started all over again from scratch. This time with a plan and it wasn’t going to be one whole book but a series of novelettes (basically 7,500-15,000) with the potential to become novellas. I self published the book on kindle in September of 2011 and then decided I was done with it and not even going to think about continuing after I got ONE bad review. Maybe dad was right… until one morning I opened my email when I started up my website demanding a sequel!

I was delighted! Ecstatic even! So I scooped up poor Fire of the Night again, edited the first book one last time (and now it’s in the process of proof reading before it goes into paperback form), and finished book 2. Now I’m waiting for a cover then I’ll start proofreading that one as well with a date of publication hopefully set as September 1, 2014.

Here’s the final evolution of “The Prophecy of the Evil Enchanter”/”The Prophecy of Fire of the Night.”

He shall come bearing fire and night within his hands.

Seven will appear from the shadows of his throne,

a wronged and betrayed king to free his lands,

a coral eyed teen with blood of Fallen within,

an elfin princess with hair and leaf of gold,

a Phoenix born to lose who would die to win,

a starry scaled dragon with a horrible secret,

a bandit who is looking for a way to survive,

and a woman seeking salvation from a zealot.


Trials and suffering await the seven travelers,

to the phoenix born to lose death awaits,

to the starry dragon a threat against her daughters,

to the bandit a promise will come back to haunt him

to the woman seeking salvation fear will banish her,

the betrayed king will face a fate most grim.

However, to the elfin princess, happiness awaits,

for she shall find the prince she dreams of.

It seems the Fallen teen has been cursed by the fates.


Deep sleep, dreams of evil, sought by him she will fear,

cursed to love to the one she cannot have in her life,

and the one she promised to hate will always appear.

A solemn task shall be appointed to her

she must collect the ten items to change her love back.

At midnight she must collect from light and dark a tear,

crystal from the diggers, blood from the woman who altered the king,

scale from a silvery star dragon, gold from a horde of darkness,

a plume of fire, metal of fire and ice, a flirting spryte’s wing,

a golden leaf taken from a most sacred tree. The last item carries danger

for it is hair of an evil man who holds fire and night within his hands

This fate awaits coral eyes, save the king, save our lands!


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