Point of View

First Person Point of View (or POV) is a dying art. I have read very few that do that medium justice…and very few people demand it. Most demand Third Person. There’s a big difference between the two POVs. And I’ve learned that I don’t particularly enjoy writing in Third Person.

Third Person is writing from an outsider’s point, watching the story unfold and doesn’t really immerse the person into the story…and doesn’t really let you see the insights in anyone’s head. I never really liked writing in that style.

Don’t get me wrong, Third Person is really good for reading, it makes you feel like you’re watching the story unfold as you watch everyone else move around. And when it’s done well the story really flows…

I can’t write that. For whatever reason Third Person has never been how I prefer to write. Which brings us to First Person.

First Person makes you see the story unfold from the main character (or in my case, main characters) point of view. You hear, see, and know everything they do. It makes for a fascinating point of view. Especially, if you’re writing–like me–from the POV from someone with a mental illness.

I’ve seen very few books that actually write First Person very well, the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning is one, the second one is Anita Blake by Laurel K Hamilton. Both feature snarky women who don’t take any crap. And I love that.

Once I started writing in First Person I found my medium. I love writing in first person. Specifically First Person Present Tense. Tenses are another thing. And are actually very easy to understand.

Past tense is usually what you will read books in. Everything has already happened, so you’re just listening to the characters thoughts on what happened back then as they’re telling you their story.

Present tense is when everything is happening right before your eyes.

To me? That makes for an interesting POV. You are seeing the story unfold as it happens. As the character lives their life, you are part of it.

So why First Person? Because I love to see the story unfold before me. And I hope that you do too.
Keep on writing, dudes, and don’t forget to be awesome!


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