As much as I planned to write the next week about my thoughts on 9/11… I lent my story to a friend and I haven’t gotten it back yet… Oh well.

I will leave you with something though. NaNoWriMo is coming up! 50,000 words in 30 days. I plan on winning this year. My story? It’s called “Trigger” and it’s the first in a series about a woman named Rose Marie Lupei. This is the beginning of the awesomeness. So here’s the synopsis:


“You think that you know your world? Well you don’t. I happen to be one of the few that do. My name is Rose Marie Lupei, and I am a morph. I was cursed by an unnamed witch and her vampire master to walk this world eternally. Most people go mad when these things happen to them. I am no different. I have attempted to kill myself, only to find that I am immortal (except for maybe being torn to pieces and turned into ash). I have been crucifed by “helpful” humans that wanted to remove the “demons” from my “damned soul”. 

 However, that is not the kicker to this story. You want to know the kicker? I have been keeping your sorry behinds safe from the real demons of the night. You’re welcome.

 There is one problem. You know how the Mayans had that calendar that ends on December 21 2012? It is not because the world is going to end, so do not get your feeble hopes up that we are all going to die horribly. They are still alive. The only way for the Mayans to survive the attack was to make a deal with the same demons that I protect you from. The original people still live! And they plan on making a come back on that day. They are the kind of vampires that I make sure end up on my “to die” list. 


Before you start thinking, “oh this has happened before. There are two types of vampires, the good ones that can handle their thirst and the bad ones that can’t”. Let me clue you in, there are far more than that. I have compiled a list of existing Vampires and their names. The Nosrekcin, the Vampyres, the “Pure” Vampires, and the Majiks.

The Majiks are the ones I save your sorry butts from. They are dangerous. The only thing they have on the brain is blood. However, they are not completely stupid. They hunt in packs, have controlled movement, and worst of all they are led by a Vampire who can use magic. I know their plan. No one is going to like it. On December 21st, the Majiks are going to destroy us all. Don’t worry, I’m here to save you. Me against a couple thousand vampires. You’re welcome.”


I love Vampire stories (like Anita Blake, Fever (though technically that series is Fae but still girl kick butt), Vampire Academy, and Bloodlines). I like Heroines that can kick butt by themselves. Though the Anita Blake books took a turn that I didn’t like. But I’ll save that for another blog post. 


Check out my NaNo page!


See you next week (for sure this time!)

So Life doesn’t go as planned

One thought on “So Life doesn’t go as planned

  1. love the story line. Good job!

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