Trigger Overhaul

My boyfriend has been going over Trigger for a while and found a few inconsistencies as well as some characters not fitting their descriptions and some chapters/character introductions that seemed too quick and too much.

So I decided it was time for a Trigger 2.0. I’m keeping the original Trigger Document in its current form and creating a new document where I’ll be going through it chapter by chapter to mark where things started to head in weird directions. Figure out which characters are very important and which ones can be saved for later.

Some changes from the original document are going to be done. Example, one character was original a Police Officer who is going to be changed into a Private Investigator who works with Richard Chase. Example #2, Richard Chase no longer arbitrarily flies in from Minnesota. Instead, he lives in Colorado.

Another thing I had to do with this story is going to add a little more of Morph’s dialogue to Rose and change what her powers were all over again. Because originally it was a little complicated, then due to something that was suggested it became over complicated and weird and almost too sci-fiy which is not what I was going for. Now it’s going to be simple and make everything flow a little better.

That’s all I got!

Keep on Writing Dudes and Don’t forget to be awesome!

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