The Countdown

With thirteen days until National Novel Writing Month 2013 I am suffering writing withdrawals! So I am turning withdrawal into awesome! I am going to try and at least sketch something every day that has to do with my Novel.

NaNo2013 Book Cover <— read it there. It tells you everything, like background, base used, and fonts 😀

Picture 1. This is the Book Cover for my new novel. Isn't it purty? It took me about 4 hours to do (mostly because I was at work at the time). Ten minutes to put the base on paper, 1 hour of figuring out what kind of clothes they wore and how their hair was done, 20 minutes of sketching it, 1 hour of linearting it, 30 minutes of putting it onto my computer, and then 1 hour of coloring it :D. I have fun can you tell?

Anyway, blurb about my story:

“You think you know the legend of Arthur? Think again.

Arthur’s tale is re-imagined in this tale of fantasy, betrayal, and sorrow. Told from the point of view of Salvidor Rasinco–a wizard under the title of Merlin, Sabas Delano–A prince born from an unholy union, Syndia Kedamento–a witch who comes from a lake, and Brenna Darkblade–Sabas’ half sister.

Get ready for a tale of wonder and excitement, spanning over years of time in a planned trilogy. Curse of an Ancient Kingdom will make you rethink Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The woes of Morgana La Faye. And The Woman of the Lake and her relationship with Merlin.”

See you later! Keep Being Awesome!

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